Catalogue Distribution

Catalogue Distribution

Catalogues are a great way to win over potential future customers and leads, especially if you provide them with a glossy and well-designed catalogue which fosters a sense of sophistication. Often used by jewellers and high-end boutiques, catalogues are a piece of promotional material that are often underestimated in this digital world we live in.

Here at Leaflets Kent, we have been delivering catalogues for several years. As a result, we have a great understanding of the logistical ramifications involved when sending out catalogues to a list of specific customers across a wide area. We can easily distribute your catalogues across a large region, allowing you to attract customers with targeted and informative promotional catalogues.

Our distribution services are speedy and professional, so you can rely on us to make sure that your catalogues are delivered in the condition you sent them in - pristine. We take care to ensure that your catalogues are respectfully and professionally presented, maximising your chances of obtaining new customers.

We can perform catalogue deliveries of various types, whether you're looking for a general mass marketing campaign of a more specific and targeted campaign which looks to pique the interest of your warm leads, enabling you to solidify sales and see your brand awareness skyrocket in the local area.

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