Hand to Hand Distribution

Hand to Hand Distribution

If you're looking to increase your brand awareness among the general public or the attendees of an event, hand to hand distribution could be a very cost-effective promotional solution for your company. Hand to hand distribution is when our staff stand among moving crowds, passing out leaflets to any interested passers-by who want to know more.

Hand to hand distribution services are commonly used for companies who wish to advertise themselves at tradeshows or other corporate events, growing their presence and awareness at the event. It is also often used in public places such as a high street, perhaps informing the general public about a newly-opened shop or business.

This type of leaflet distribution requires government permission in certain areas of London and other cities, but our professional team are familiar with this permit process and will be able to take care of it for you if necessary. We can also wear branded uniforms and clothing which further boosts your promotion, as well as interact with passers-by in ways which further promote your product/service or brand.

Hand to hand distribution is a more personal and intimate kind of promotion, allowing you to receive instant customer feedback and accurately gauge interest in your promotional campaign.