About us

An Industry-leading Flyer and Leaflet Distribution Company

For several years now, we have been one of Kent’s finest leaflet distribution companies, expanding into various eclectic areas of distribution and delivery, ensuring that we always deliver the absolute best in value, professionalism, and customer service. We have already established a brilliant reputation for ourselves in Kent and the surrounding area, with our stellar customer service allowing us to conduct business with a string of satisfied and repeat clients for many years.

We were established in 2004, with J striving to open a leaflet distribution service which was trustworthy, punctual, and efficient. Since then, we have continued to do what we do best – facilitate timely and professional distribution services which advertise your products and promote your business to a range of audiences, enabling you to boost your brand awareness exponentially. Our cost-effective services are the best means for you to promote a new shop/business, promote a new product, attract new customers, or simply enhance the awareness of your brand in your service area.
Our responsive website allows you to place distribution orders for a range of things, including newspaper distribution, catalogue distribution, hand to hand leaflet distribution, GPS tracked delivery services, and much more. You can decide on the type of service you require and in what quantity, with our helpful team standing by to help you out should you have any questions or concerns about our services and what exactly they entail.
We continually grow our relationships in the leafleting and distribution industry, with our large pool of satisfied customers frequently recommending our professional and reliable services. Here at Leaflets Kent, we have the skills, experience, know-how and equipment to get your marketing materials from A to B in no time, empowering you to promote your business and deliver your goods in a safe and effective manner across the Kent region and the surrounding areas.

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